Shipping Policy

Users/Buyers must mention & confirm the accurate shipping information (complete postal address) along with landmark and precise contact numbers at the time of placing order(s). In case, the user/buyer wants to change the shipping address, then the s/he should inform us 24 hours prior to the delivery date through an email to [email protected] and SMS/message from the registered mobile number. In case of distant locations additional delivery/shipment charges may apply.

We make significant efforts and endeavour to provide the best quality products every single time you order with us. However, any omissions in the pack / basket / product / produces ordered due to human error or technical or logistical issues etc. will be made available at the discretion of the delivery team during the next delivery schedule in your area.

We are glad to inform you that we procure fruits/produces direct from farmers majorly, also from well-managed farms located in different states of India. We all are aware that farm produces/fruits are perishable supplies. We should not store for a longer period of time. Since we do not use chemicals to mature or ripen fruits/produces, therefore, we do not store fruits/produces in a bulk quantity beyond a certain time frame to retain the nutrients and quality of fruits/produces. Return of fruits spoils the quality of fruits/produces and remain assured that our teams ensure best quality fruits/produces while packing for deliveries , hence, our policy doesn’t support returns of fruits/produces. Fruits like mangoes are procured and ripened naturally as per your orders & payments.

Therefore, we do not accept cancellation of order(s) once paid by the user/buyer in advance. Similarly, orders cannot be cancelled or refused by the user/buyer at the time of door-step deliveries attended by our delivery person or any third party alliance appointed by Prime Fresh Limited.

Pre-order customers/buyers can add or modify order volume or combination of fruits/produces atleast 24 hours prior to the date of dispatch/delivery. Cost to buyer will be changed based on the order volume/types of fruits or produces/shipment location & prevailing rates in market.

Pre-orders are shipped/delivered as per schedule. In case, any unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances (natural calamities, epidemic, Govt. directives, operational hazards, business challenges, manpower, technical snags or logistical hitches etc.) get hold of our daily shipment/delivery process then we reserve the rights to cancel or postpone deliveries, even without any notice to customers/buyers. Refund will be entitled subject to the type of circumstances company experienced.

Shipment/delivery may get delayed if any gazetted or national holidays cross in between, our logistic partner and/or our staff are entitled to avail holidays as per our company policies. Still, we strive our level-best to put a smile on your face by delivering as per schedule. We request you to contact our support team to track your order.