Return Policy

We do not store fruits/produces in a bulk quantity beyond a certain time frame nor do we use harmful chemicals in order to retain the nutrients and quality of fruits/produces. Return of fruits spoils the quality of fruits/produces and remain assured that our teams ensure best quality fruits/produces while packing for deliveries, hence, our policy doesn’t support returns of fruits/produces once ordered or ordered & pre-paid by you. Fruits like mangoes are procured and ripened naturally as per your orders & payments.

Therefore, we do not accept cancellation of order(s) once paid by the user/buyer in advance. Similarly, orders cannot be cancelled or refused by the user/buyer at the time of door-step deliveries attended by our delivery person or any third-party alliance appointed by Prime Fresh Limited.

Pre-order customers/buyers can add or modify order volume or combination of fruits/produces atleast 24 hours prior to the date of dispatch/delivery. Cost to buyer will be changed based on the order volume/types of fruits or produces/shipment location & prevailing rates in market.

We do understand that sometimes circumstances may compel you to return our fruits/produces that you ordered or ordered & pre-paid, like due to abrupt health reason, out of station due to any sort of emergency etc. then you need to return our produces without opening the box/seal then & there. Also contact our Customer Support Team immediately to confirm the fact through phone call & electronic message or email. In such exceptional circumstances, you may get the refund of product/fruits cost but transportation/logistics charges will be levied as per the sole discretion of / Prime Fresh Limited


Replacements will be provided based on the following circumstances:

1. Damaged fruits/produces due to long-haul transit

2. Spoilt/substandard fruits/produces

3. Incorrect fruits/produces delivered

4. Expired fruits/produces (for printed expiry date/barcodes)

We strictly recommend checking fruits/produces during or soon after delivery. In case spoilt or damaged fruits are found then please inform our Support Center / Delivery Team immediately or within 24 hours from the delivery schedule, we will provide replacements, else company shall not be responsible for any refund or replacement.

Please do contact our Customer Support (Chat) Service on +91 8689999344 or the Delivery Team with the images of rotten/spoilt fruits or produces. Also, you can share images & order details to [email protected]

Rest assured, our all teams toil relentlessly to provide you with quality fruits & produces and best possible support at all times.